LINK IN BIO (2018)
swipe, scroll, tap,   from one link to another,
we jump.

first thing before sleeping,
first thing upon waking.

This photography series explores smartphone’s role as an object of power in contemporary society - a glowing object we bring everywhere and constantly touch, our daily companion and intimate confessor.

Captured with an analogue camera, the images explore moving boundaries between companionship and isolation while at the same time suggesting the intangibility of the digital realm.

This project was inspired by my personal experience of Instagram. Posting these images as single posts, I started to see links between the images in my feed, and the idea of making diptychs was born.

The entire series is conceived as a continuous frieze. Just like in a Instagram feed, each diptych represents an autonomous scene while at the same time being connected to the other images.

The expression “link in bio”, which people use on Instagram to refer their followers to the website in their bio, is used as a wider metaphor to allude to the multiplication of links enabled by digital technologies - as we find ourselves swiping, scrolling, and tapping on small screens all day long, jumping from one link to another.