I am a Berlin-based photographer and creative.
Using photography, digital art, and publishing, I explore concepts related to new technologies, time, intersubjectivity, and gender.

My creative practice is characterized by a fascination for the digital realm and an attachment to the analogue image alongside an aesthetic oscillating between a grounding in reality and a pull towards mental projections.  

My use of diptychs and triptychs is an attempt to visualize contemporary experiences of seeing the world in spatially and temporally fractured frames.

I recently founded digital art and publishing project synthetic velvet, which imaginatively explores the concept of time by dedicating each issue to a specific hour.

My work has been featured in Fount Magazine’s latest print edition and on net art platform B00k. It has been exhibited at the South London Gallery and, more recently, in a multidisciplinary installation from the Vorspiel program organized by art and digital culture festivals CTM and Transmediale in Berlin.

Instagram: @audreykadjar